G2G X1 1000W HPS DE Bulb

G2G X1 1000W HPS DE Bulb

Quick Overview

A double ended with extra. The X1 1000W HPS DE Bulb are designed to enhance plant growth, providing 35% more energy than the standard HID bulbs. The X1 bulb series are specifically constructed for the X1 fixture’s high frequency electronic ballast. The bulb jacket is made of premium quality quartz glass and has been constructed without frame wire in the bulb in order to illuminate shadows. Fine-tune your X1 lighting system by using the X1 bulb series, provide optimum spectral energy levels to your plants that promotes vigorous plant growth.

Features & Benefits

– Increases flower yields
– High PAR outputs
– Creates great smelling aromas
– Produce larger colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers

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