G2G X1 1000W DE Fixture

G2G X1 1000W DE Fixture

Quick Overview

The 3-Mode Adjustable X1, 1000W DE Fixture, is the ‘Swiss army knife’ of light fixtures, capable of supporting all phases of plant growth. The X1 fixture can be adjusted to control the light output area, allowing growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth. The G2G X1’s design provides adjustable power usages, allowing growers to easily control PAR output If you are looking for an adjustable, multi-purpose fixture, look no further than the adjustable, G2G X1.

Features & Benefits

– 3-mode adjustable reflector, beam angle easily adjustable
– 10 foot power cable to ensure flexible positioning of fixture
– Premium Italian Vega aluminium; 95% reflective index
– Multiple voltage configurations

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