G2G Blue Bomb 630W SE Fixture

G2G Blue Bomb 630W SE Fixture

Quick Overview

More light, less power. The G2G Blue Bomb Pro, a 630W SE Fixture, enables greater luminous flux at a lower power output than standard fixtures. The Blue Bomb Pro is able to remove significant amounts of heat generated by a bulb without using a built-in cooling system. The Blue Bomb Pro is designed with the optimization of next generation ceramic metal halide lamps, providing a strong blue light spectrum to the plants. This unique design aims to augment multiple important cost/benefit factors – optimizing light output whilst reducing power consumption.

Features & Benefits

– Accommodates standard 8” flexible ducting
– Reflector with proprietary design
– Able to output more light on • lower power consumption
– Blue Bomb Pro uses 2x 315 CMH bulbs, doubling light output

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